Saved and Petty Collection

Ahem. Is this thing on?

So, I have a confession. I am Saved & Petty.

Yes, yes.. I know it does not seem like the Christian thing to say or even admit, but at times, pettiness creeps up just like hunger pains -- the more you ignore it, the more it won't go away and at times your pettiness is at a all time high! Let's define what Pettiness is. It's being concerned with the small insignificant things.

It would be nice to be one who doesn't concern oneself with small and insignificant things but I can admit, it takes to learn to not sweat the small stuff. I am working on it. So its not a promotion, but yet a declaration of my current reality.

However, let me offer you this counter-thought about how Saved & Petty is actually a very good thing if not God orchestrated.

I think David said it best, when he penned the reflection of his pettiness in Psalm 23, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."

Now, have you ever attempted to go after something and in return was met with opposition? Whether it was a new job, promotion, attempts to acquire a home or car, perhaps it was to launch out on your own and start a business, perhaps it was even being a better friend than they had been to you, yet each time you attempted to do something that seems amazing you were met with enemies (better known in present day as haters).

But when you finally get your blessing, what is your first thought? Wait until so and so sees me now! It's perfectly ok, for the Bible says, he has prepared that "table" (job, car, house, lasting relationship) in the presence of the enemies just so they can see it. God orchestrates the opportunities for you to show off his grace and mercy in the face of the very people who have doubted you.

I heard a story once by my Pastor who said he once went to go purchase a vehicle. He went into the showroom floor and immediately based on the way he looked, the salesperson told him that there was no reason to look at that car because he could not afford it. Well, he left and immediately drove to another dealership a city over and purchased the same vehicle off the showroom floor. He made sure to come past the car dealership that denied him and honk the horn in his new vehicle as he drove past. If that isn't the most petty thing ever! Yet, its just like God.

He blesses us so immensely, in ways where it has nothing to do with your skill, talent, income or background and elevates you at just the right time where you can proverbially drive past your haters honking on your way to the next level.

Be Saved & Petty my friends. Don't forget to acknowledge the one who prepared that table before you in the presence of your enemies. If it were not so, then he would bless you in secret.


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For Grace,